• Helping you create your new normal
    No more "I didn’t agree to that."
    Reduce the stress on your child by ensuring their schedule isn’t
    interrupted.Amicably syncs your child’s schedule across devices
    and keeps a record of what was agreed to. There is no “he said”
    “she said”, so you can focus on moving forward. All for free.
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  • We make payments simple
    Our tools allow you to stop writing checks and make payments through the click of a button.
    Expenses are recorded over time to for taxes and legal filings. Simply submit a proposed expense and request approval.
    Once the request is approved, funds are collected from both parents and payment is made directly to the provider.
    No extra checks. No bill pay. No I.O.U.s. Just $9.99/month.

Taking the emotion out of divorce

Easily update and sync your child's schedule for free. Add payments and expense tracking for $9.99 month.